Alain E. Roch

Alain E. Roch - Blue Bridge

Alain E. Roch, MBA

Founder, President and CEO


  • MBA – University of Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Political Science Degree – University of Lausanne, Switzerland
  • International Relations – University of Brussels, Belgium and Laval University, Canada
  • Law faculty – University of Geneva, Switzerland

Membership in a professional body or order

  • Association de Planification Fiscale et Financière (Fiscal and Financial Planning Association)


Alain Roch is a Quebec businessman, born in Switzerland in 1965. He is the founder and CEO of Blue Bridge, a wealth management firm with an international multi-family office. He is an extreme sports and aerobatics enthusiast and has a rebellious spirit, a deep love for his family and a true business ethic. He was able to break with the traditional portfolio management model and invent a model based on independence, careful selection of international managers and use of the most effective tools in financial engineering.

This approach, which puts customers and their needs at the centre of the business relationship, demonstrates Alain Roch’s talents in terms of human relations: he is always available, supportive of his employees and customers, and involved in the humanitarian causes that motivate him, mainly involving children.

His multidisciplinary training (Law, Political Science, Business Administration), European origins and Quebec residency allow him to tackle problems with a creative and often innovative approach (e.g. use of the Anglo-Saxon trust in a context of European civil law, as we will see later).

This man with a thousand ideas, as his colleagues define him, appears tireless: instigating, developing, continually optimizing with better solutions, new concepts and in new countries. He is attentive to his customers, following them in their wildest dreams and has found himself, along with his team, developing investment projects in Saskatchewan, Brazil or Portugal.

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