Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP) offers an elite group of individuals and families around the world the opportunity to immigrate to Canada via the province of Quebec.

Applicants selected under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program will be granted a permanent resident visa for Canada without conditions and may settle in Quebec, work or do business immediately, anywhere in the country. Children of new immigrants may also begin studying in Canada immediately after and may enrol in local schools and universities as Canadian residents, unlike foreign students.

Eligibility for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

Minimum net assets

Foreign investors must demonstrate possession of net minimum assets and having legally obtained $2 million CAD (or equivalent in foreign currency); whether these are individual or combined assets with a spouse or partner.

A risk-free investment

Applicants to immigrate to Canada through investment must sign a contract confirming their intention to invest $1,200,000 CAD in Quebec guaranteed by the Government through a financial intermediary authorized to take part in the QIIP. This investment is required for a five-year term and is fully guaranteed by the Quebec government, without conditions.

Investors who do not wish to liquidate their assets to raise the sum of $1,200,000 CAD may finance their investment through a Canadian financial intermediary authorized to obtain a single payment loan.

Real business management experience

The Canada Immigrant Investor Program requires candidates to have at least two years’ business management experience acquired during the past five years.

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