Family Office Service

Organisation for a Healthier Family Estate

Blue Bridge Family services seeks to lever the breadth experience and expertise of our professionals and network with your family’s unique values,
skills and capital to create a wealth preservation structure designed to enable each generation reach its fullest potential.

We are committed to the advancement of the varied interests of, and to providing the best available advice and service to,
the individuals and families who look to us as trusted counselors and fiduciaries.

Blue Bridge and its network offer our clients the following services :

  • A dynamically updated overview of clients’ investment portfolios and assets that permits detailed analysis and reporting of multiple criteria.
  • A legal and fiscal structure engineered to protect and facilitate the transfer of assets from one generation to the next.
  • Family education and experiences designed to develop unique family legacies in an inclusive, multi-generational family office structure and insure the effective transfer of responsibility to future generations.
  • Concierge and other services that free client families to focus on their personal priorities.

The Blue Bridge Family Office

Just as our Investment Management Platform is about the preservation and steady growth of assets, our Family Office Platform is about the establishment and extension of unique family legacies. Reporting to the Head of the Family, Blue Bridge has the capacity to function as the Family’s CIO, CFO, private investment analyst, Risk Manager, Next Generation Mentor and Office Manager.

We provide a detailed overview of a client’s entire investment portfolio including Blue Bridge and personally or externally managed and held investments. Through our family office platform, clients have the ability to review and assess income, expenses and assets in a single report through a variety of analytical lenses. Working with a wealth manager, clients have the ability to evaluate cash flow, risk, performance, relative returns, and other key metrics on an ongoing basis; to prepare and submit tax reports and returns from a variety of inputs, and to take a more holistic approach to investing and financial planning.

We help our clients build and protect their legacies. Through innovative trust and estate planning and innovative insurance solutions, we create tax efficient means of providing for future generations. Just as important is the involvement of each family member in the furtherance of family unity and the particular mission and goals of the family. Through family meetings and retreats, inter-generational education and charitable endeavors, Blue Bridge wealth managers help their clients define and develop their unique family legacy and establish the mechanism that sees the evolution and efficient transfer of responsibility from one generation to the next.

Part of being able to focus on the things one does best and enjoys the most is freedom from the mundane and time consuming tasks of day-to-day life. To this end, Blue Bridge offers a variety of concierge services limited only by our clients’ needs, such as the payment of routine bills, maintenance and stocking of vacation properties, curating art collections, party planning and contractor oversight.

“A family office that is not focused on the family has missed its goal.”

Alain Roch, Founder