Art consultant


  • Analyze the different participants in and the economy of the art market
  • Propose a methodology for analysis of and research on artworks
  • Comment on a work of art in a commercial setting
  • Valuate a work of art and negotiate its price
  • Appraise and list artworks for the purpose of negotiating their price or their dissemination

In a world without borders, where the number of galleries, exhibitions and fairs has never been so great, and where art is the subject of speculation, our art consultation service makes a lot of sense.

First developed to allow Blue Bridge to create its own collection of contemporary art, the “Blue Collection,” today, this service aims to direct our customers towards their next purchase and to educate their eye. To achieve this, Blue Bridge has selected a network of experts, art galleries, insurers, etc.

Our experts’ added value means our clients take measured risks. Part of their work involves following traders’ offers very closely, but also the work of artists. In terms of art, a feeling of attraction is important, but an analysis of the artist’s career, reputation and popularity enables an informed decision to be taken (example of an expert’s report: artist Erin Shirreff).