Passion – driving force of a life

Passion – driving force of a life


Georges Brossard

entomologist, but mainly a passionate man


Blue Bridge Magazine met Georges Brossard, the renowned Québec entomologist and founder of the Insectariums in Montréal, Shanghai and Johannesburg. This is someone whose entire life has been marked by his passion for nature and its inhabitants, and who knows how to share and communicate his enthusiasm.

Have you noticed that some people get caught up almost overpoweringly in a passion while others never do? But where does this passion come from? Some people will say this originates in intelligence. However, I know plenty of passionate people who don’t regard themselves as possessing an exceptional intelligence.

If it isn’t intelligence, could education explain it? Again, nobody has ever drawn a connection between diplomas and passion, and the examples of ex-dunces who become the architects of their own success prove that nothing can be predicted in this regard! So, if it’s not intelligence or education, might passion not arise from life circumstances alone? Not at all!

One thing I have observed is that passion is often born in a child’s heart. And yes, in the heart of any man or any woman there are creative forces that are slumbering, innate forces that may be genetic, instinctive or compelling and that manifest themselves in dreams. What an incredible force dreams can be! What an amazing asset in the game of life! Dreams are the fundamental difference between humans and other animals. Animals rely only on instinct, where humans, in addition to instinct, also have dreams! And yes, humans have this ability to dream, to be motivated by dreams.

But too often, alas, these vital forces deep in a child’s heart are stifled very early by the school of life – by social, economic, marital, cultural or family pressures – and are reduced to mere murmurs. We start killing dreams in children at a very early age. How many teachers, for example, persecute a child who is caught – horror of horrors – daydreaming?

In many, these childhood dreams will continue to murmur, as if this inner wealth refused to lose all intensity. This explains why, at the onset of maturity, whether early or later, some individuals undergo a burst of motivation. They rediscover their dreams, their passion – those vital forces which were hidden in their childhood hearts but which once again become a source of new directions and decisions, emotions and achievements, fulfilment and innovation – passion in its purest form! What a change! What an outcome! What a metamorphosis!

And yes, it is easy to observe it. How many of us no longer follow these vital forces, forgetting them, silencing them, paying no regenerative attention to them? What a loss! What wretchedness! We would do better to look at our lives from a new angle. So many pressures, challenges, obstacles, frustrations and so much stifling, pain and insecurity. We owe it to ourselves to critically examine what’s imposed on us! Many people never do what they intended to do, what they wanted to do all their lives. It’s always a second choice: an alternative, a panacea and, for them, it is something that has been imposed, something that was accidental, circumstantial, as if their lives were guided insidiously but irresistibly by whatever is in fashion! And the result is that these people are surprised that they are not performing, not succeeding but, worst of all – they are not happy.

Passion has the power to bring about unique insights and revelations. This novel perception gives an individual an advantage over their peers. Knowing what everyone else knows amounts to not knowing anything at all. Passion has also the power of reconciling a Man with himself and even with others. Passion is a powerful emotion that dominates reason and pushes human beings to fulfil their most cherished dreams – their cherished childhood dreams that come straight from the heart.

Saint Augustine was right when he told his disciples: “He who loses himself in his passion has lost less than he who has lost his passion.”