Our company

Innovative, Transparent, Objective, Discreet

Blue Bridge is a family office established in Montreal in 2002. We offer global support to our clients and their families that is tailored to their unique lifestyle, needs and aspirations.

To meet the increasingly complex needs of our clients, we offer a choice of services at the crossroads of wealth management, financial and tax planning, law, international taxation, philanthropy, inter-generational wealth and business transfer and concierge services.

Our experience, diverse expertise, and the individual talents of our team coalesce to enable our clients to reach their fullest potential in their chosen endeavours.

Our Culture

We are committed to the advancement of the varied interests of, and to providing the best available advice and service to, the individuals and families who look to us as trusted counselors and fiduciaries. We endeavor at all times to pursue these goals in a manner consistent with the high standards of confidentiality, transparency, objectivity and professionalism that have been the hallmarks of our firm since its inception.

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