Why did a Family Office like Blue Bridge recruit a top athlete?

Why did a Family Office like Blue Bridge recruit a top athlete?


Alain E. Roch, MBA

President and CEO


Andréanne Gagné, one of the most recognized soccer players in Quebec arrives just in time for the funding of a scholarship program for high-level athletes set up by Blue Bridge in collaboration with the Quebec Foundation of Athletic Excellence (FAEQ). Indeed, Blue Bridge contributed a total of $65, 000 to emerging student athletes between 2014 and 2016, and is continuing in this vein with a minimum investment of $45, 000 for 2017 to 2019.

Why not take it a step further and participate in their professional training by offering our student athletes internships or permanent jobs? More and more research is showing that hiring former athletes increases productivity and that a company has everything to gain by developing its collaboration with the world of high-level sports. Rigor, perseverance, organization, management, teamwork, communication: practicing a sport equips athletes with valuable assets for the working world!

Whether it’s working toward a specific goal, developing the skills to adapt to any milieu,  refusing to give up, or demanding a win without fearing a loss, athletes have all the qualities required to be leaders in their work environments.

Because they always have to reinvent themselves to be their best on the playing field, athletes like Andréanne share similar challenges to company managers who have to permanently adapt to environments where everything happens very quickly, making it necessary to know how to think fast and move beyond the tried formulas. While at times injured or outdistanced, athletes must constantly find new ways to recover from hard blows, return to their optimal level, and then win again.

Because they have stress management down to a science, know how to organize their time and career, can see a project through from A to Z with perseverance, can understand how to motivate, work, and communicate with their team, and are capable of taking the worst hits and bouncing right back up to peak performance, athlete experiences are similar to those experienced by companies.

What’s more, athletes are part of a culture of performance and commitment. This makes a lot of sense in the world of management and internal communication. Working with someone who is performance-focused—rather than with less motivated employees—can increase one’s own motivation as well.

In conclusion, hiring a top-level athlete is an asset for any company: from a human relations perspective, at the managerial level, in terms of group dynamics, as well as with regards to effective management of individuals working toward collective goals—in the short, medium and long term…

Blue Bridge will therefore continue to encourage exchanges between top-level athletes and the business world.

About Andréanne Gagné

Andréanne Gagné, one of the most accomplished university women’s soccer players in Quebec, has joined the Family Office Blue Bridge in 2016

The native of St. Hyacinthe, Que., played four seasons with the Sherbrooke Vert & Or wrapping up her university career in 2012. She was a four-time Quebec all-star and a four-time all-Canadian. A midfielder, she was the captain of the Vert & Or in 2012 when they won the Quebec title and finished sixth at the national championship.

Gagné has represented Canada three times at the international level. In 2008 she participated in the U20 World Cup in Chile and she competed at the World University Games in 2009 in Serbia and 2011 in China. She has played with various teams in Quebec’s Ligue Elite AAA and is currently playing senior level soccer with Varennes.

Andréanne has been building her coaching résumé over the last few years. She coached the Richelieu-Yamaska regional selects program as well as with the Granby U15 AAA girls team. She has also been involved with the soccer program at École secondaire du Verbe Divin in Granby. She runs her own soccer development program, Academie Excellence IBAG which focuses on youth skills. Since last May, Andréanne is also training the women soccer team of the Concordia University in Montreal.

In 2012 Gagné graduated from Université de Sherbrooke with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government.