Frédéric Cordier at the SWISS ART AWARDS 2019

Frédéric Cordier at the SWISS ART AWARDS 2019


Manon Berney, LL.M

Legal expert, Legal and corporate affairs

This year, Swiss-Canadian artist Frédéric Cordier, part of the Blue Bridge art collection, is taking part in the 2019 Swiss Art Awards. This annual event, an exhibition by Swiss artists chosen from a first round, takes place alongside the prestigious “Art Basel” Contemporary Art Fair, Switzerland’s oldest and most famous art competition.

Frédéric Cordier will show recent linocuts, whose impact is largely due to their monumentality, the marked contrasts between black ink and whiteness of paper and by the dynamics between the image’s filled and empty spaces. The depictions of his industrial designs synthesize mammoth architectures that fit seamlessly into the urban landscape or blend into the countryside. Geometric elements, such as the lines and points of his prints, bring life to the mechanical coldness of metal structures such as factories, port facilities and pipelines carrying ores, containers, oil or gas, which circulate and escape into the environment. The critical distance that Frédéric Cordier aims to express shows itself as –pay close attention! –intentional errors in the engraved lines. Like false notes, these flaws pull our focus to the perfection of the composition, a melodic line playing a silent commentary on the environment.

Anyone who wishes to visit the exhibition is invited to stop by. The Swiss Art Awards are free of charge and open to the public from June 10 to 16, 2019. It’s an opportunity to see works up-and-coming Swiss artists.