Cooper’s Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk


René Julien, MBA, CFA

Director of investments

Blue Bridge is pleased to present our Cooper’s Hawk Global Balanced Fund. The objectives of this diversified fund are to preserve and grow our clients ‘capital. We strive to reach those objectives through investments of superior quality diversified across strategies and geographical exposures. The key drivers of our investment process are the selection of best in class managers for each asset classes and investment strategies, as well as, disciplined tactical asset allocation. Our investment decisions are guided by our beliefs in active management, fundamental analysis, prudence and capital preservation, and a long term view of the markets.

We offer you our latest quarterly fact sheet and market comments. Cooper’s Hawk Global Balanced Fund (O class in CAD) has returned 5.9% year-to-date and 8.0% over the past 12 months to September 2017. As a result, our fund’s performance ranks in the first quartile when compared to a peer universe of managers of Canadian Balanced mandates, as compiled by Pavilion Advisory Group and published in its third quarter 2017 Manager Universes report. In order to rank in the first quartile of the Canadian Balanced universe of 43 managers, which is compared against a benchmark portfolio comprised of 40% bonds and 60% global stocks, a manager needed to achieve a return of a least 5.7% and 7.8% over the 9 month and 12 month periods, respectively. The median manager returned 4.6% and 6.0% over the same periods. All returns are net of management fees. Note that our fund achieved these superior results despite a much lower exposure to equities of 45%, when compared to the 60% universe benchmark exposure. Our lower exposure to equities reflects our prudent approach to markets and would be relatively beneficial, compared to our peers, in the advent of a market pullback.

We also provide you with the latest monthly fact sheet for October.

Cooper’s Hawk factsheet CAD – septembre – Blue Bridge

Cooper’s Hawk factsheet CAD – Octobre 2017 – Blue Bridge