Blue Bridge Is Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

Blue Bridge Is Reducing Its Carbon Footprint

Julie Elmlinger (1809-2618035) Web

Rachel Vallée Troie

Receptionnist Montreal’s office

Julie Elmlinger

Director, Legal and Corporate Affairs

Is it a hot topic? Or is it because of global warming? Carbon footprints and the omnipresence of plastic in our daily lives are fueling a lot of conversations right now. These topics have also been at the heart of a reflection at Blue Bridge: what can we do, concretely, to reduce our carbon footprint and become more engaged citizens in this race against the clock?

First, we focused on a reforestation carbon sequestration project.[1] More specifically, the carbon emissions associated with every trip travelled and event organized are calculated and totalled. Then, trees are replanted to create new forests in Quebec. After oceanic plankton, forest ecosystems are the primary natural carbon sinks on the planet. Our Blue Bridge forest was created on November 2 in the Ham-Nord township, where we offset the emissions associated with holding the Soirée Casino for the Blue Bridge Foundation for Children. The result: 27 trees were planted. What’s more, in keeping with the goal of reducing our footprint, we now use a taxi service whose entire fleet is electric.

Changes have been made to our day-to-day operations as well. We make an effort to choose office supplies that are made from recycled materials and we try to buy locally as often as possible. We’ve put specific recycling programs in place, from ink cartridges to small electronics to batteries, which can sometimes be a challenge in office towers where waste management hasn’t yet been perfected. Plastic is also being gradually removed from our offices: no more bottles, utensils, or straws.

Like Nicolas Hulot said: “The environment is also, and above all, a cultural problem. Respecting the environment requires a large number of behavioural changes.” Awareness is the first step toward change. As we begin a new year soon, maybe we could take a moment to think about our daily actions and their impacts, since each action counts.